branded Teak wooden umbrellas made to export quality standards. Umbrellas are  available in octagonal/square and we offer various Sun umbrella colours as well. Treated  special water based wood coating for outdoor applications. Extremely resilient & durable,  resistant against vermin, diseases & fungal infestations. It is weatherproof & sustains sun,  rain, snow & frost.

  • 10 years Warranty for the fabric.
  • Fabric Quality is Sauleda/Sunbrella
  • Sun Umbrella comes with the 80kg Concrete Base.
  • Treated special water based wood coating for Outdoor applications.
  • We offer various Sun Umbrella Colours as well.
  • We do customised Teak Umbrella in different sizes (7FT, 8FT,10FT)

     Diameter 8F  Rs. 74,800 | Diameter 10F  Rs.76,500

Monsoon Blinds branded Monsoon Blinds Designed to withstand heavy rains and gusty winds, without blocking the outside view. The intelligent use of transparent PVC fabric ensures the unblocked view and stainless steel guides and cables provide long-lasting support and life to your blinds.

Monsoon blinds are specially recommended for open areas like, balconies, food courts, cafeterias top roof, garden restaurants, dining areas and open spaced Similar settings. Monsoon blinds are manually operated and are customised to fit perfectly.

    • PVC 0.7mm thick
    • Top bar and cross bars aluminium
    • All accessories stainless steel 316
    • Top fabric outdoor 10 years warranty fabric
    • Free installation
    • Request Quotation in Square Feet

Window Blinds

Zebra blinds

2-in-1 window coverings feature light filtering and blackout materials that can be used independently or together. Add cordless motorize lift to make operating your blinds easily.

Roller blinds

Constructed with modern fabrics. Can be operated manually or by touch of remorse, giving lots of options as to positioning – half open/ half closed. Provides privacy and an elegant means to control light in your home.

Roman blinds

Blackout lining will allow us to keep curtains sufficiently blocked from the sunlight. Roman shade gives a modern, elegant window application. Used for decorating windows of rooms and offices.

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[mvc_infobox title_color=”#000000″ image_id=”16498″ info_title=”Roller Blinds”][/mvc_infobox]

[mvc_infobox title_color=”#000000″ image_id=”16496″ info_title=”Roman Blinds”][/mvc_infobox]

[mvc_infobox title_color=”#000000″ image_id=”16499″ info_title=”Bamboo Blinds”][/mvc_infobox]

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